Duelling Rabbits is committed to helping interested folks learn all about weaving on drawlooms – and other kinds of double-harness setups, too.

We post original content on our YouTube channel from time to time and hope that you enjoy it.

Shaded Satins on the Drawloom (May 2024)

Stress-Free Lower Tie-ups on the Drawloom (March 2024)

Bergman and Half-Units on the Drawloom (Feb 2024)

Pseudo-Damask on the Drawloom  (Jan 2024)

Drawloom Threads  (Oct 2022)

Weaving Non-Symmetric Motifs  (Sept 2022)

Perfecting the Drawloom Shed  (May 2022)

Deploying Pattern Leashes on the Shaft Drawloom (March 2022)

Lace Bronson on the Drawloom (December 2021)

Weaving a Single-Unit Design on the Drawloom (October 2021)

Satin Damask Tie-Ups for the Drawloom (September 2021)

A Tour of the Ulla Cyrus Combination Drawloom (August 2021)

Assembling an Ulla Cyrus Combination Drawloom [in under two minutes] (July 2021)

A New Drawloom Recipe for Damask Table Mats (June 2021)

Smålandsväv (April 2021)

Damask with Half-Heddles and a Weaving Sword (March 2021)

Beiderwand on the Drawloom (January 2021)

Weaving a Drawloom Project (Part 1): Planning and Beaming the Warp (November 2020)

Weaving a Drawloom Project (Part 2): Threading the Heddles and Tying On (November 2020)

Weaving a Drawloom Project (Part 3): Setting Up the Myrehed Combination Attachment (November 2020)

Weaving a Drawloom Project (Part 4): Fine Tuning the Damask Shed and Weaving (November 2020)

Summer & Winter on the Drawloom (October 2020)

Opphämta on the Drawloom: An Introduction (September 2020)

Drawloom Mechanics 101: Damask (August 2020)

Doubleweave on the Drawloom (July 2020)

Designing and Weaving Damask Borders on the Drawloom (July 2020)

Designing for the Pattern Shaft Drawloom (June 2020)

My Drawloom (March 2020)

And check out this trailer for an exciting collaborative production from Duelling Rabbits and Vävstuga Weaving School: everything you could possibly want to know about the Julia drawloom from Glimakra (June 2023). Watch the full video here.